March 12, 2018
FINMA roundtable: presentation of the ICO guidelines in Zug

On the 16 February 2018 FINMA has set out how it intends to handle enquiries from ICO organisers about the applicability of regulation under current financial market legislation.

Therefore, FINMA will hold a series of roundtable discussions in different cities around Switzerland. The aim is to explain its assessment of ICOs in accordance with the FINMA ICO guidelines, the categorisation of tokens and how ICOs are potentially impacted by financial market regulation as well as to provide first-hand information to interested market participants and facilitate a direct exchange between stakeholders and FINMA. 

These events, which are intended for (potential) ICO organisers and specialists with an interest in ICOs, will be held in English. The events will be organised in cooperation with the non-profit industry association Crypto Valley Association. 

Next roundtables: