October 2, 2018
Supported ICO
BitNautic ICO End Announcement — Hard Cap Reached!

Just a few hours before the end of the ICO, we have sold the last BTNT available for the Token Sale, reaching the 35 million BTNT sold Hard Cap.

Another success for BitNautic! Yesterday at 13:35 UTC the last BTNTs available in our Token Sale were purchased, and the Hard Cap of 35'000'000 BTNT sold was finally reached.

The distribution of tokens will start today and proceed over the next days and weeks, following the approval of KYC procedures by Swiss authorities. The contributors will be the first to obtain the tokens, followed by bounty and airdrop participants.

We want to thank the thousands of contributors who made all this possible, and we want to reassure them that our work at BitNautic has only just started. We’re at the first step of a long, difficult journey, on a path that will take us through a thousand obstacles, and will lead us to the disruption of the world’s most complex market, global trade. With a number of strategic industry partners and companies who are ready to get on board and start using the platform, BitNautic is already en route to success.

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