May 3, 2018
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BitNautic joins IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

We are proud to announce that BitNautic has joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, a special partnership with tech giant IBM that will grant our team access to cutting-edge technology in AI, Cloud Computing and Data Processing. These powerful tools, in the hands of our incredibly skilled engineers, Carlo Vespa and Paolo Angelini, will integrate and reinforce the AI core of the BitNautic booking system, and make it smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever.

“ It’s an exciting addition to BitNautic ”— stated our Project Manager, Francesco Oliverio— “You see, here at BitNautic we have a different idea about how the shipping business should be. It should be fast, reliable, secure. BitNautic brings a new product to the table, a product that’s easy to use, a product so smart that it will change the way this game is played. ”

Among the services provided, the one that will surely catch your eye is Watson, the most advanced question-answering supercomputer in the world. Watson helps businesses automate routine tasks and it provides new ways of doing business; it can mine existing business data, data that will allow more informed decisions, insightful forecasts and that can be used to train our existing AI systems to learn and grow even smarter. Watson will be integrated into the booking system of the platform, which offers real-time tracking for ships, cargo, and e-commerce transactions, and allows carriers and ship owners to list their ships, automatically update their location, get new customers in real-time and guide them through the entire process, from booking to cargo consolidation, optimizing the whole process to the maximum efficiency.

We are ready for the future, and we think you are too. With Pre-ICO sales starting on May 1st (and a 30% token bonus) the world’s most advanced shipping network is almost here. Get on board!

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