August 13, 2018
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BitNautic platform Demo finally available

The curtain rises! It is now possible to sign up and check out the BitNautic Platform Demo, and to explore some of the exclusive features of the final version.

It is with with great pleasure that we announce the release of a first Demo version of the BitNautic Platform, available at this link.

We have finally decided it’s time to give back to everyone that has supported us in these months of hard work by contributing to our Token Sale, and to show them what was going on behind the curtains.

For those who don’t know, BitNautic is a single platform, capable of holding together all the major players of the logistics industry: carriers, shippers, producers, buyers. Based on the blockchain, it is a completely transparent network, where ship owners can list their ships, update their location in real time, and cargo owners can find the best routes for their shipments, and at the best price. At the same time this allows them to forge new business relationships, extending their network and bringing new customers to their business.

Important Note: This is a Demo, and as such it has limited features, and doesn’t include some of the most distinctive functionalities of the platform. For example, BTNT support will be added at the end of the ICO (September 15) in the MVP Final Version of the Platform.

So, here it is! Let’s have a first look on some of the best features of the Demo.

For Shippers: Find the Best Freight Rates!

Set the departure port, set the destination port, hit Search! Our system will display real-time, convenient freight rates for your route, and you will be able to immediately get in contact with the carrier and book your shipmentthrough BitNautic’s intuitive interface.

When the platform will be fully operational, this form will create a direct line between shipper and carrier (or broker), and it will be possible for both parties to start negotiations and finally reach an agreement.

For Carriers: Add your Routes and Rates!

Through BitNautic’s interface, it will be possible for carriers to add their shipping routes and prices, with details about departure and arrival dates as well as transit times and fees included in the rates.

What to expect in the next months

This version of the platform is a Demo, with limited features, and in the next months we will keep updating it and adding incredible features as more and more functionalities are integrated into the platform, like land and airtransportation support, marketplace, different container types and much more!

This is just a glimpse of what this project will become, a dream that can become reality. Be sure to keep following our news, and if you think of any suggestion to make the platform better be sure to send it to

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