May 2, 2018
Supported ICO
BitNautic Pre-ICO is LIVE — The Future of Shipping is Finally Here

The biggest revolution in the shipping industry is starting to spread its wings. At long last, after months of hard work, we have finally launched our Pre-ICO. All of our users will now be able to contribute to the BitNautic project through our website, by clicking on the “Contribute” button.

The Pre-ICO, starting on the 1st of May, will last for the rest of the month until the 1st of June, when the Main ICO will start. During this period 20% percent of BitNautic Tokens (BTNT) will be distributed to all contributors, with a 30% bonus for the whole period of the Pre-ICO.

To contribute, you will need to go to the BitNautic Website, click on the “Contribute” button, and log in or create a new account. Then, depending on how much you want to pledge, you will have to complete different tiers of identity verification:

1.     < $3000 → Tier 1 Identification

2.   < $500000 → Tier 2 Identification

3.   > $500000 → Tier 3 Identification

For the identification procedure you will need an Ethereum Wallet and a valid passport or id document. This is to ensure that all our contributors are real people and to reassure everyone that decides to participate to our project that everything is 100% legally sound.

For the 2 Factor Authentication you will also need an authentication App on your Android or iOS smartphone. The one we suggest you use is Authy(Play Store, App Store), which works very well with our platform. All contributions must be made in Ether (ETH), with a minimum contribution of 0.05 ETH.

Soon we will add a video tutorial to our channels where everything will be explained in detail, as well as an extensive article where we will include solutions to any problems that users might have during the identity verification.

A big THANK YOU from the BitNautic Team to all people that believe in this great project and have decided to support it.

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