April 26, 2018
Easy and reliable shipping through effective Blockchain contracting

Around 90% of world trade is carried out by maritime freight transport. In the world there are over 50,000 merchant ships, registered in over 150 countries, which trade internationally, transporting all types of goods. The operation of these ships generates an estimated annual turnover in shipping rates of more than $0.5 trillion.


This hugely valuable industry has been troubled for years by challenges like:

At the same time, local producers, charterers and shippers, especially the ones operating from developing countries, are facing several problems when it comes to shipping, like:

This global inefficiency is estimated to cost the industry more than $23 billion/year (Source: New Jersey Institute of Technology). Reversing these trends presents the industry with tremendous economic potential. BitNautic mission is to disrupt the shipping industry as is today, by creating a disintermediating platform, that will provide massive benefits over traditional shipping:

BitNautic Platform will include the following applications:

BitNautic will grow by generating revenues from enterprise subscriptions, cargo booking and shipping brokerage fees, wholesale ecommerce fees. BitNautic will issue the BTNT Token, an Ethereum ERC20 Token, that will be used within the BitNautic ecosystem to pay all platform fees. BitNautic is currently raising funds via ICO Crowdsale of the BitNautic BTNT tokens. BitNautic Pre-ICO Starts on May 1st. Join Us & Be Part of Solution!


Author: Richard Zoni, CTO of BitNautic

For more information, visit https://bitnautic.io