April 30, 2018
How to fix the shipping industry

This Saturday, we’ve had the pleasure of an interview with BitNautic cofounder, Anmol Bajwa.

With an academic background of BSc Business Management at the Queen Mary University of London and working experience in a wide range of activities in the management and retail sector, Anmol has entered the Fintech market with BitNautic, a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain that creates a direct link between supply and demand in the shipping industry.

So Anmol, tell us, where did this idea come from? What made you think of connecting shipping and blockchain? Those are not two words you see together very often.

Yeah, many find it strange at first. The thing is, my father has worked for many years in the shipping industry, and the idea for Bitnautic was born out of my conversations with him about all the bureaucratic and logistical challenges he regularly encounters in his work. So I decide to do something about it, and BitNautic was born.

But what exactly is BitNautic?

BitNautic is a decentralized shipping and cargo platform, based on the blockchain technology, which acts as a marketplace for goods and commodities. On our platform, importers, exporters, endconsumer and producers are allowed to ship their products all over the globe. and have an easier time in all their bureaucratic practices. The idea is to use technology to streamline the shipping process, simplifying administration without compromising security.

These days we see machine learning in almost every new idea, and yours is no exception. What is AI’s place in your project? What are its advantages?

AI is a fundamental part of our platform. The booking system is going to be completely Artificial Intelligence-based, for extreme optimization of cargo distribution and routes, together with real-time tracking of ships, an e-commerce platform, and the introduction of a digital currency (BitNautic Token or BTNT), that will be used to buy and sell services on the platform.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, words that seem to be very hot lately. How does BitNautic fit in this market?

We are deploying blockchain technology along with smart contracts to support fast, secure and transparent transactions. One of the hardest challenges I had to face in getting my idea off the ground was finding the right people, who understand blockchain and how to apply such cutting-edge technologies as the ones used in our product. It wasn’t easy to finally identify and connect with people who had the necessary expertise. Now we have implemented all the core features, and with the Pre-ICO starting on May 1st we are ready to enter the next phase of development.

You often hear about these ICOs as a somewhat risky investment, with lots of scams going on around the globe. How is BitNautic different?

First of all, our company is based in Switzerland, where ICOs are strongly regulated. I have had to study and learn the policy frameworks that the Swiss government has introduced on cryptocurrency trading and ICOs, and I’m proud to say we fully comply with the law. Now we’re at an exciting point in the development of our product, with the PreIco in a few days, and then the main ICO starting on June 1st… There’s going to be a lot of work to be done, but also a lot of gratification. We are ready to change this industry.

Thanks a lot Anmol, it’s been a pleasure. Hope we can do this again after the ICO.

Of course, I’ll be waiting. Thank you!

All credit goes to Queen Mary University of London

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