April 20, 2018
The Savedroid Case Pretended A Scam To Teach Cryptocommunity

A Lesson Yassin Hankir, the Frankfurt-based startup Savedroid founder and CEO, published a tweet after a successful ICO.

He tweeted this just after his company collected about $50 million through a combination of ICO and private funding. The startup aims at “building a user interface that will make a cryptocurrency investment just as simple as a savings account. Our mission is to eliminate adoption barriers and make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone!” During ICO Savedroid has raised funding from 35 thousands backers who used 59 different crypto currencies. 

Right after the ICO the official website turned dead and currently displays one image with the message “Aannd It’s Gone” which apparently celebrates the scam’s success. 

However, after 24 hours of panic and a lot of questions from furious investors CEO Yassin Hankir has recorded a personal message to resolve the situation. In his statement he apologized and told that Savedroid was there, “is there, and will be there and never had gone with client’s money.” Hankir explained that he wanted to show how easy nowadays to run ICO, collect money and fly with them away even on strictly regulated German cryptomarket. 
“If we look at the market there so much scam happening, scam from beginning to the very end of ICO/ So the question is how can we change that and we should change it because we all have a common goal to have the cryptomarket and the ICO market to be sustainable,” – Hankir said. 

As a reimbursement Savedroid also announce the giveaway for 3,000 ETH to the community.

Source: https://bit.ly/2qNRh7r